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Ditch Digger

1- When you took this job, you lost a good deal of safety.
2- Good tough boot soles will save your feet a lot of pain.
3- The back gets more tired from bending over and digging than standing up and digging.
4- The short shovel saves a great deal of arm aches when used in tight spaces.
5- Using the larger shovel first and the smaller shovel second is a good idea.
6- Aggressive diggers can easily break a shovel.  Instruct them to safely dig with moderation.
7- Jumping onto a flat shovel can quite easily break you and the shovel.
8- Wear goggles when using the railroad pick.
9- Wear gloves, while digging, to prevent blood on the shovel handle.
10- Some people actually hit their nose on the end of the shovel when they jump on it. To avoid a broken nose, be careful when jumping on the shovel.
11- If your job is to strenuous, get a job digging for the government.
12- The safest way to dig is with a lot of drinking water.
13- Use shovels that are non conductive for the times you will hit electrical lines.
14- Just because you are a digger doesn’t mean you don’t necessarily need a hard hat.
15- Many people get hit on the head with a shovel.  Why do you think a digger would do that?
16- If you like to stare at people, get out your lawn chair and a soda and watch someone dig all day long.  Every once in a while yell out something about why they aren’t done yet.  I can’t say it will improve your safety.
17- When digging, wear long pants, unless it’s too hot. 
18- To prevent back injury, take it easy the first couple weeks of spring digging.
19- If you have never made a living by digging, you don’t know what you are missing; literally.
20- Be nice to the diggers, it makes the world safer for everyone.
21- Always call Blue Stakes (811) before digging.
22- One reason to call Blue Stakes is to let the utilities know who to bill for any damage claims.

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