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Michael Jordan Safety Slogans

1- I am surprised you still have a tongue.
2- The safety of the game depends on me.
3- Game win safety has a lot to do with training year round.
4- Nasa called, they want their flying shoes back. 
5- If your losing a close game, give the ball to Michael for a safe win.
6- Never leave your quarters on the top of the backboard.
7- Not making your high school basketball team is a good safety sign.
8- Since Michael used to work at Mcdonalds, that means I have a great career ahead of me.
9- You can play baseball or golf for fun, but please stick with basketball. 
10- I because I can make free throws with my eyes closed, doesn't mean you can do your job with your eyes close.
11- Sometimes, playing against him is sheer torture.
12- Want a safe plant, cultivate Jordan's clutch skills.
13- If you want the ball at the end of the game when it is close, you will be great regardless of what shots you actually make. 
14- Whatever you do in life, you've got to love the ball and work at keeping it safe.
15- I could never dunk the ball so I started going to Dunkin' Doughnuts and now I can't touch the net.
16- I love it when guys say they can take Michael because the next game is really fun to watch. 
17- If you want a good team, find those that want to rise to the challenge and give them the ball.
19- Maybe the reason Jordan can jump so high is due to the special shoes Nike makes for him.
20- It's unsafe to wear Nike Air Jordan's; people get killed over them.
21- If you can't afford Air Jordans go and look at how stupid some of the older models look.
22- Being great is often borne out of insecurity and that explains a lot about Michael not making the high school basketball team.
23- Without Michael Jordan, who would Kobe and Lebron look up to.
24- I'm still waiting to hear something bad about Michael Jordan.  Safe companies should be run the same way.
25- If you work harder than anyone else, your body will hold up and so will your luck.

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