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Safety Logs: Ship's Mate

A ship sailed out to sea.  A few days out, the captain of the ship noticed that his first mate was drunk at the helm.  So, the captain got out his trusty pencil and began writing in the log book of his drunken assistant.  When the first mate noticed that he was being written about in the log books, he protested.  "Captain, that's going to ruin my career.  I'll stop drinking, just don't write anything of this in the log books."  The captain replied, " I'm sorry, but this is an international log book and , by law, I can't erase or remove any comments in this book."  So, the next morning the ships mate got a great idea.  When the captain looked in the log book it read, captain is sober today.

This story is a bit funny, but we all know the dangers of driving a ship while drunk.  It could create a huge oil spill or any other kind of disasters.  If you are going to drink and drive a ship, make sure there are no log books around.  Nowadays, there is always a safety guy stationed next to the log books and any drinking and driving calls for immediate corrective action.   

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