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Birth Safety Slogans

1- The safest thing to do is to avoid the Pitosin and the C-Section.
2- Just because C-Sections rarely kill the mother, nowadays, doesn't mean it is the safest option 33% of the time.
3- Turning a breech baby is almost as painful as giving labor.
4- The safety of the husband is best kept by keeping quiet during painful times.
5- Passing out during delivery ups your chances for an emergency C-Section and infection.
6- Longer hospital deliveries typically create more health problems for the mother and the infant.
7- At these painful times, some women really start to like the idea of a magical stork.
8- The Dr. knows everything because it makes the delivery more convenient for them.
9- Who needs a doctor for 10 minutes when you have a nurse for every other minute.
10- The safety of the patient is mostly about the nurses and the hospital and less and less on the doctor that shows up for five minutes.
11- Breathe baby, breathe baby, breath BABY.
12- Birth is often a trancendental experience for mother and father; thus giving them safety and relief for a short-time.
13- It's better to get the good doctor that is tired than the new one that sucks.
14- Sticking a needle in your spinal cord seems awful until you feel the real pain of labor and then it seems like such a small sacrifice to be pain free.
15- A week in the womb is better than two outside of it.
16- Doctors always seem to know best except that they don't know your own body and that's what you have to stand up for.
17- I like a cute doctor, a cute nurse, and an ugly husband.
18- Safety is reciprocated according to nice comments made to the nurses.
19- Hospitals know it isn't about what they do, but how much they can bill that matters.
20- If the husband wants something, be safe and have the mother ask for it.
21- One husband had a headache and asked for a pain killer; boy, that was a dumb thing to do.
22- There are crazy ways to deliver including the hot tub, hypnobirthing, and birthing parties. They each have their own level of safety.
23- Maybe birth isn't that big a deal. In many third world countries the women work up until they give birth and just strap the baby on their back afterward and keep on working.
24- Safety is directly correlated with pre-natal visits.
25- You might have a few hemorrhoids, a tear here or there, but it's all good as long the mother and baby survive and are healthy.
26- Safety issues arise and so prepare yourself with knowledge, good doctors, and lots of prayers.

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