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Farmer Safety Slogans

1- The safest seeds are planted in fertile soil.
2- The noxious weeds can choke out your favorite plants and reduce the safety of your income.
3- What you believe, in your heart, has a big impact on the safety of the harvest.
4- What kind of idiot farmer would put weed seeds in with crop seed.
5- The purity of the seed makes the people safe.
6- Without depth of root, due to shallow soil, shall create seed failure.
7- There is a certain joy of farming that brings safety to the soul.
8- It's safer to be a podiatrist than a farmer. Still, why does the podiatrist speak so fondly of farmer's feet?
9- It's just that the podiatrist likes me.
10- The hardest part of being a farmer is keeping your limbs out of the combine.
11- I never met a poor farmer that wanted to be a lawyer.
12- The most important part of farm safety is knowing how to stay behind in your bank payments.
13- The art of food safety is producing something unique and wonderful through genetic engineering.
14- It's safer to make food grow larger and faster.
15- Animal plant hybrids are safer without being labeled.
16- The best way to control weeds is through lots of pesticide applications.
17- It's safer to eat pesticide than it is pay for food at Wild Oats.
18- The safety of a commodity business comes through inheritance.
19- Crop circles are a real phenomenon that decreases safety.
20- Your reap the safety from the protocol that you sow.

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