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Social Media Safety Slogans

1- Facebook will delete your personal record right after they send you a check for a million bucks.
2- I wanted to start a site that is a cross between Facebook and Twitter and call it TwitterFace.
3- I don't have any real friends, but I have a thousand friends on Facebook.
4- Hooking up with old girlfriends and boyfriends is a perhaps the most useful reason to use Facebook.
5- Google tries to be social, but we still aren't sure what they're social about.
6- It's always fun to make up stories to your fake friends and tweet them a fake follow-up.
7- Apparently, people tweet louder than birds.
8- The social media founders are the least social of any creature types.
9- Anything you say in social media should first be approved by your mother.
10- I didn't steal the idea because I wrote new code.
11- Winkle one and winkle two will sue you.  
12- Don't save anything for Saverin.
13- Have a special nasty prize for the people that unfollow you.
14- I thought you were a porn-bot, but that's awesome you're one of my real followers.
15- I just drank some water.  I just took a dump. I just tied my shoe. I just walked a block.  I love social media. 
16- Facebook is the written word while Twitter is the emotional connection.
17- If you boss ticks you off, tell them some profanity and end it with, "Tweet This!"
18- I like to tweet my face right after I wake up.
19- When the money runs out, start diluting.
20- It's a safer world when everyone knows what's on my mind.

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