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Safety Whip   

1- I whip you, you whip me, we become a family.
2- Bring your Indiana Jones style safety whip to the safety meetings.
3- Paint your safety whip orange.
4- It's never safe to whip me, but I do like it. 
5- Use the safety whip to hold down the safety hose.  Then hose down the safety manager.
6- A big water hose can break your nose, but a little safety whip can keep your &*(& safe.
7- Pass out safety whips to all subordinates for an egalitarian safety feeling.
8- We never whip the employees with anything but words, demotions, and demoralizations.
9- It's not what you do that counts, but how hard you whip your employees.
10- The longer whips are in management while the shorter whips wish they were.
11- Horses don't like to be whipped, but it sure does get them moving.
12- If a horse holds grudge, you'll soon be a dud.
13- Never do the wrong thing at the right time unless it's whipping the safety manager after hours when nobody can see it.
14- I abhor violence and yet something is attractive about a good safety whip.
15- Nuclear bombs deter violence and a safety whip deters dangerous behavior.
16- Never whip a woman or someone of minority or it's a hate crime now. 
17- Offer free whipping sessions for those people that are afraid they might break safety protocol.
18- If the whipping doesn't change the behavior, take the misery up a notch.
19- Don't whip the Amish because it is more effective to pull on their long beards.
20- They don't sell safety whips at Walmart.  Maybe I can purchase one from the government. 

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