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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Safety Slogans

1- The great part about the MSDS is that everyone loves to read them.
2- The MSDS is meant to be good reading material.
3- The MSDS is an important way to make safety pay.
4- Always put jokes in with the MSDS.
5- I like using Garfield for the MSDS on food safety.
6- Where do you find the MSDS for you mother-in-law?
7- My Safety Doesn't Suck is what MSDS stands for.
8- I like the way the MSDS is in easy to read microprint.
9- If they want you to read it, why is it in a foreign language?
10- I created an MSDS for each child and gave it to the babysitter. For some reason, the babysitter never read it.
11- Tiny paper folding competitions are all part of the MSDS conference.
12- Is MSDS code for don't read this or understand this, but you're supposed to?
13- The reason for the microprint is to save the environment.
14- The MSDS papers are all manufactured at the fortune cookie plant.
15- One time I opened a fortune cookie and got the MSDS for the meal I was eating.
16- The Army MRE stands for Meals Refused Eternally.
17- All the safety data shows that material safety should be miniaturized for maximum market penetration.
18- Feel free to send me that in MSDS format.
19- Safety meetings on MSDS are only appropriate for the nearsighted.
20- Where is the MSDS for riding my skateboard, going to the park, or eating hot dogs?

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