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Fall Safety Slogans

1- I would rather drop a brick on someone's head than have them knock me off the ladder.
2- Fallin is fun, it's the landing that hurts.
3- Fail to tie-off and you won't need one a tie.
4- It's easy to be safe in the air, but so many people are just not aware.
5- Fall is a season and falling to get hurt is usually full of bad reasons.
6- Technology to prevent falls exists in many forms. The problem is how few people use it.
7- It's not cool to use a safety harness until someone falls and gets hurt.
8- Falling in love happens on the job, but you better follow the safety procedures for it.
9- Shutting your door at work helps prevent people from falling into your office.
10- Falling off a chair can hurt as much as tripping over a pencil.
11- Every company needs a fall guy; make sure it's not you.
12- The higher you are when you fall; the more fun you can have on the way down.
13- Roofers have high homicide rates caused by angry employees.
14- Roofing liability insurance is cheaper the higher up you go. The reason is that it costs less to bury someone than to fix an injured person.
15- Once I got fired for tying-off on my chair. For some reason management didn't like waiting for me to get out of the harness.
16- You can never be too safe, but you CAN over annoy management by following their own rules about falls.
17- I once fell on a curb in the parking lot and nobody reported it. Is that a problem or a crime?
18- Older people don't fall harder. They just break easier on impact.
19- Bone density scans are an important part of every fall program.
20- Twist ties keep the bread safe. It keeps the bread from falling out of the bag. It's the little things that count.
21- If you work in construction, fall in the fall right before work slows down to a crawl.

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