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Plant Safety Slogans

1- Walk like you are on a slippery surface
2- The right shoes will save your toes and maybe your life
3- Steel tipped boots prevent crushed toes
4- Rubberized soles should grip well to prevent falls
5- Hard hats must be worn at all times
6- A small rock from a high distance can kill a big man
7- If you don’t have time to tie off, how will you find time to live
8- Hot shrapnel can hurt anyone; including you.
9- Warning!! Falling objects can land on heads, necks, arms, legs and just about anything else.
10-It’s faster to do things the right way because we don’t have to do it twice
11- We buy your boots.  You follow safety rules. Deal!!
12- Ear protection isn’t just for sissies.  It’s for smart people that don’t want to be deaf.
13- Eye protection is for those that can see and want to continue doing so.
14- Long term ear exposure will lead to deafness.  Nobody knows how long it will take you to lose your hearing
15- Short term gains in productivity can be offset by loss of limbs
16- If the asbestos doesn’t kill you, not wearing your safety gear will.
17- The tortoise should have beaten the turtle.  That’s a lot liking keeping safety rules.
18- Safety First, Family Second.
19- A funeral is less expensive than a maimed man
20- If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it unless your supervisor is pressuring you; NOT!! 

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