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Brake Safety Slogans

1- Never replace the rotors until the pulsing breaks them.
2- Everyone wants to turn my rotors, but I am pretty sure I can turn it myself once they take it off for me.
3- The squeaky brake will eventually be repaired with anti-squeak juice after the rotors, calipers, pads, and virtually all other brake parts are replaced.
4- The master cylinder is not in your engine block.
5- Never take off the brakes at an auto parts store and expect to get them back on without any tools.
6- Putting a brake on your teenager is about as easy as finding your own fountain of youth.
7- The safest brakes are the largest and go on the smallest vehicle.
8- When you smell the brakes, I smell a disaster.
9- I would rather my boss ride the brakes then my ass.
10- My boss would never let me take a brake, but I took my breaks anyways.
11- Brakes most often go out because of leaky fluid.  Safety goes at wrong at companies because of leaky information.
12- In so many movies, the bad guy cuts the brake fluid line.  Don't let your bad employees cut off safety information and safety protocol.
13- When someone has an accident from going too fast, don't assume that their speed was the only issue at hand.  Maybe the bad guy cut the brake fluid line.
14- The brake shoes must seat with the rotors.  In safety, the safety manager must likewise gel with his/her constituents.
15- At least 70% of  your stopping power is in the front brakes.  A company with good management that leads by example will have the best control over the employees.  Managers that try to push from behind will find their stopping power is insufficient.
16- Have you ever tried to push a string?
17- Nobody stops a moving vehicle instantly; there is reaction time and braking distance.  Many safety managers think "braking distance" doesn't exist and explode when people need some time to react. 
18- If someone at the plant says safety is stupid, take off their car brakes and tell them to go home.
19- It's just as important to stop as it is to go.  As with a company, knowing when to go, how fast to go, and when to stop makes all the difference.
20- Don't blame the breaks.  Blame the safety guy.     

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