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Pet Store Safety Slogans

1- Always have the new guy feed the giant pythons.
2- Accept that certain things are not safe. For example, feeder goldfish are just not born into a safe life.
3- Introduce more exotic pets like rattle snakes, cobras, and giant anteaters.
4- The web slippery floors are nothing to be concerned about.
5- The safety of the store depends on smell management.
6- It's safer to sell two dogs and two cats than two feeder fish or two feeder mice.
7- Clowning around is good; as long as a Clownfish is watching.
8- Don't touch fecal material.
9- Dead pets must be properly displayed in the discount area prior to incineration.
10- Don't let the little children hold the biting hamsters and mice.
11- It's safer to sell a biting pet, than to keep it for yourself.
12- When a ferret owner smells like a skunk, you can be assured his/her six months of ownership is about over.
13- Never advertise how long certain pets live. Most people don't want to keep a turtle for 100 years or a bird for 80.
14- Hold safety demonstrations showcasing ways in which people have died or been mutilated by their pets.
15- Use the talking birds to keep an eye on shoplifters.
16- Mice can swim and get eaten by large fish. We learned that in the safety video.
17- The most difficult safety areas of a pet store are venomous snakes, biting dogs, rabid cats, and West Nile insects.
18- It is very safe and nutritious to eat crickets.
19- As a bonus, employees are allowed to eat feeder pets like feeder goldfish, feeder mice, and feeder crickets.
20- Make sure and have any Vietnamese buyer fill out paperwork before purchasing a cat or a dog.

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