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Cashier Safety Slogans

1- Every robbery is an opportunity for you to help someone who needs money.
2- Don’t work alone at night!!
3- Money is dirty. Wash your hands before eating or drinking.
4- Don’t exchange money because you put yourself at risk
5- Crumpled bills are good enough for those old ladies who refuse them
6- Give the right change
7- If you’re tempted to steal, quit working today
8- Use the shock customer key for self defense only
9- Pepper spray is a good alternative to killing someone
10-Always turn the other cheek
11-Trust nobody.  This includes the boss’s girlfriend.
12-Never leave your till
13- Never work on someone else’s till
14- Stop and drop when gunshots are fired
15- Customers who loiter are a security risk
16- Don’t leave the till, don’t leave the till, don’t leave the till
17- People steal smokes.  Keep that in mind.
18- The safest cashiers work in the safest neighborhoods
19- Be ugly. Good looking cashiers attract distractions
20- Write down the license plates of cars before they are done filling up.
21- Always have a nearby phone to call 911.  

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