Architect Safety Slogans
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If you're not laughing, it's not safety.
Focus on your Danger!
Gimme Some
Make More Fires
Watch For It!!

Architect Safety Slogans

  1. Litigation and saving money go together
  2. Priorities: buildings first, people second
  3. To do something right, it will cost money
  4. Cutting corners is like giving away your brain
  5. Don’t build; draw.
  6. Flowers are meant for the outside of the building
  7. The customer is usually wrong and the math is usually right
  8. Double check figures and you won’t have seizures
  9. Draw slow and carry a big pencil
    10-The computer can double check my work; not
    11- Concrete is stronger than wood
    12- Wood is stronger than paper
    13- Thicker is stronger than thinner
    14- Calculations are better than guessing
    15- Safety is better than dying
    16- Being good is not good enough
    17- To be great, be safe
    18- A safe architect has a clean conscience
    19- If a disaster might happen, prepare for it
    20- If not for today, then when

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