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Bad Brokerage Safety Slogans  

1- The leprosy of the market has finally arrived.
2- If you have a heartbeat, we would love to have you.
3- Our fees are so high because we are the best.
4- The reason Goldman Sachs never called you is because they were waiting for us to take your 3k and invest it so you could become a millionaire.
5- Once you sign up 50k people, you will become a millionaire.
6- Network marketing on the lower rungs of society.
7- A company where the average salesman has never heard of Warren Buffet or an index fund.
8- Outdated rip off front load and back load are back again.
9- The Margin of Safety only comes when you run away.
10- I will help you save money by charging you 5k for a home refinance and you will get a $150 commission.
11- The S&P 500 has something to do with race car driving.
12- Stocks are out, but high load mutual funds are in.
13- Better to invest here than nowhere.
14- It's best to lose 10% up front.
15- The opportunity to sell is all about making yourself feel good with your $50 commission after you sell yourself a lifetime of high fee products.
16- Warren Buffet wouldn't do it, but you should.
17- If Citibank owns Primerica, why then do they call it Primerica?
18- NWA is now the new WMA.
19- Have a barbeque for your friends and then give them a meeting.
20- High failure rates of new employees has nothing to do with the quality of the products offered.
21- Ask for the safe load and then run for the hills.
22- Thousands of people will ask you to sell it.
23- The best companies are not selective about who works for them.
24- Everything I learned came from a video at the office.
25- It's not that our fees are so high.  Our funds are dynamic unlike our competitors static funds. 

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