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ATV Safety Slogans

1- Four wheels are better than three.
2- Never impress your girlfriend with your four wheeler.
3- Fast and furious = hurt and dead.
4- If you take your kid, keep an eye on the throttle.
5- Bouncing over backwards is part of riding up steep bumpy slopes.
6- Helmets and pads mean you could one day become a dad.
7- If you don't know the terrain, you don't know your future pain.
8- If you're under 16, your safety is lean.
9- Accidents are less rare, when a course has been taken, and actions are clear.
10- Since you need to wear long pants and long shirts, always purchase air conditioned clothing.
11- Beers and queers keep cops in your rear.
12- The golden road is not paved with asphalt.
13- Keep on the dirt and don't forget your long shirt.
14- D.O.T helmets are just what you need at serious times so take heed.
15- If the ride is for one, don't make it two or maybe you'll end up black and blue.
16- If the ride is for two, bring on just one, and then you'll ride off soaking up sun.
17- All Terrain Vehicles are not all terrain (i.e. stay off paved roads).
18- The bigger the ATV the bigger the rider.
19- Designated trails yes and other trails no.
20- When you try and cheat death, sometimes death does some cheating of his own!

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