Justin Bieber Safety Slogans
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If you're not laughing, it's not safety.
Focus on your Danger!
Gimme Some
Make More Fires
Watch For It!!

Justin Bieber Safety Slogans

1- Are you talking about your girlfriend or your baby that you had with that girl?
2- I feel safe inside when I look at Justin's hair.
3- The safest way to protect your reputation is with a paternity test.
4- To improve your reflexes, you can play Whack-A-Bieber on the Iphone.
5- I will never say safety.
6- Stay friends with Jackie Chan so you can keep singing and not have to learn kung fu.
7- I am sure Justin can fight somebody, but let's get real.
8- I am safer when I have somebody to love.
9- When your boss asks you to do something unsafe, just play them I Will Never Say Never.
10- This music is safer for twelve year olds.
11- It's not safe for a boy to sing like a girl.
12- His beautiful voice is unsafe because it makes my twelve year old girlfriend cry.
13- Hating Justin Bieber is like hating Barney.  You actually love him; you just grew out of him and are tired of all your friends bringing it up.
14- Your safety rating goes up when you say, "The Bieb".
15- I feel safe knowing my kids like Justin Bieber.  The only thing I have to worry about is their hair, a baby, and saying never.
16- I would like to see the movie: Arnold Scharzenneger versus Justin Bieber. 
18- Would it be safe for Justin Bieber to marry Beyonce?
19- The chinese Bieber doll manufacturers hate it when Justin changes his hair. 
20- Selena Gomez is a safe pick for Justin. 
21- When Justin Bieber is no longer popular he is going to become a safety manager. 
22- I don't know why he likes baby safety so much.
23- Justin, "Will you marry me.  I promise to keep you safe!"
24- The hair is actually a toupee. 
25- It's safe to say Justin Bieber has a beautiful voice. 

Oh, Baby


Somebody to Love

Never Say Never


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