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Anesthesiologist Safety Slogans

1- "Wake up damn it, WAKE UP!!"
2- Don't take this home and give it to Michael Jackson.
3- Sleepy time just took on a whole new meaning.
4- A needle in the spine is better than pain anytime.
5- When I jab your spine wrong, your headache won't be gone.
6- Too little is better than too much.
7- I like making $1,500 for every five minutes of work.
8- Be careful not to de-stress by using drugs to go to sleep.
9- I get paid a lot because some patients die from my treatment.
10- Keep a bed at work for those long shifts.
11- One problem with anesthesiology is that the people best with needles (drug users) can't get the job.  
12- Calculation dosage twice and apply once.
13- It's always a good idea to invent your own wake up medication to cover any errors you make.
14- It's a clean job with high pay, but somebody needs to do it.
15- Don't do this at home.
16- Better to help the do it yourself home surgeon than let them take unnecessary risks on their own.
17- All is well in sleep and war.
18- You can sleep through just about anything.
19- Hypnosis operations work great except for the people that do it incorrectly and scream loudly on the first incision.
20- If you became a pharmacist, you wouldn't have to poke people in the spine or sit through the OR. 
21- I made so much money, I hired three illegal immigrants to do it for me at minimum wage and just supervised the work.
22- The root of anesthesiology is anethese which means don't sneeze.  It's hard to poke the spine while sneezing or when you are sitting above their head. 
23- Many of the best anesthesiologists learned to love it by putting on Halloween masks. 
24- It's amazing what you can do to people while they are sleeping.
25- Bill Clinton used to do propofol, but he didn't inhale. 

Want to see a real safety video on anesthesiology:

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