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Petroleum Engineer Safety Slogans

1- I make a ton of money telling people to dig deeper and pump faster. The safety is in creating the acceptable number of accidents according to OSHA.
2- Wear giant shoes to keep from falling into open oil wells.
3- The ideal petroleum engineer has an iron bladder and knows when to use it.
4- Oil and water go together like production and safety.
5- The deeper the drilling; the more precarious the safety.
6- One of the most important aspects of being a petroleum engineer is knowing how to swim well and avoiding explosions.
7- Test jumping off an oil rig is necessary to prepare for an eventual implosion.
8- If you can't shut the oil off, just sell what you can and wait for nature to clean it up for you.
9- Spills may be expensive, but are still a lot cheaper than slowing production.
10- Every oil company needs at least one engineer, a couple of truck drivers, a person to drill the hole, and one other luck person to handle the phone calls, perform safety inspections, create safety protocol, run errands, handle public relations, and do the accounting.
11- It's a lot harder to be the engineer at a refinery than at the drilling site. Likewise, it's more pleasant to be on land than live on the offshore rigs and it's safer to help drill than anything else.
12- Every petroleum engineer went into the field because of their love of safety for the oil industry.
13- Slip slidin' away, isn't just a song. It could be your new reality.
14- When you are a petroleum engineer, you can bring that special lube to the slip and slide parties.
15- Don't dip your fingers into the petroleum engineer.
16- It pays to be a little greasy. The greasy wheel gets the oil.
17- One important aspect that makes petroleum engineers love their job is that they get to see all the special clean energy designs that their company purchases and disposes of.
18- If Oil is under pressure, keep your cool. If You are under pressure, keep your cool.
19- Much of the best oil is in the least safe countries.
20- God gave some countries nothing but oil and political instability.
21- The safety of oil is not part of the engineers arsenal.
22- Oil clean-up comes and goes with the happy life of an engineer.
23- If you know what you want, go for it, as long as it lets you safely get more oil.
24- Oil is a substance that is black, gooey, valuable, and can create safety product of all types.
25- When safety comes and is found to be born, the oil man goes and throws mud on the door.

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