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Computer Programmer Safety Slogans

1- A moth can cause very big damage
2- Linux is safer than windows
3- Learning how to hack helps you keep your computer safe
4- Firefox is safer than Microsoft Explorer
5- Firewalls are safer than routers.
6- Custom security solutions are safer than mass marketed security solutions.
7- An open source is better than a closed source.
8- A dead bug is safer than a lost bug.
9- Loops that are lost must be found.
10- To debug or not to debug, that is the question.
11- Programming comments are like the signs in a road telling you the safest way to go without crashing.
12- The more people that understand the project, the safer the project will be.
13- Never tell a programmer to come to work early and on time. 
14- Never ask a programmer to wear nice clothes or to cut their hair.
15- To avoid insurance claims, provide free diet Coke for fat programmers that drink a lot of soda.
16- The safest programmer never leaves home.
17- The safest calculation is really long and complex and shows everyone how intelligent you are. 
18- Always speak fast, but type slow.  Your manager will think you’re really efficient and you won’t get carpal tunnel.    
19- Getting Bug eyed and finding computer bugs are two of the biggest safety concerns.
20- The safest program is written in the finest computer language.
21- Python programmers are safer than Perl programmers
22- Perl programmers are safer than c++ programmers
23- Java programmers are the least safe of any programmers. 

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