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Big Bird Safety Slogans

1- It's never safe to cut Big Bird out of government funding.
2- Big Bird is a great safety mascot due to the bright yellow feathers.
3- A Big Bird is not always that guy you saw on Sesame Street.
4- Have you seen the safety episode where Big Bird cut off his arm with a hacksaw?
5- Better to be a bird than to go nuts.
6- Big Bird was in the NBA and Snuffy would watch him while eating peanuts.
7- The secret is now out.  Jim Lehrer is the man behind Big Bird.
8- La la la la, lala lala, Big Bird's world. 
9- It's not safe for Big Bird to take a nap in Oscar's garbage can.
10- Birds of a safe feather flock together.
11- Follow the safety rules of Big Bird will defeat you.
12- If you are big enough to be Big Bird, you are big enough to have a great safety program.
13- Elmo used to do a lot of unsafe things.
14- Grouches love trash.  Is that safe?
15- Tonight in arena number 5 you will see the match up that we have all hear about: Big Bird versus Barney.
16- I love you,  you love me won't you please stop teasing me.
17- A bad bird is sometimes a good bird.
18- When Big Bird comes around hide all your sunflower seeds.
19- The earliest Big Bird gets the safest worm. 
20- To promote healthy eating on PBS, Cookie Monster now loves to eat broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and also birds.   

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