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Soda Addiction Safety Slogans

1- Gastrointestinal is a word you are going to become very familiar with.
2- A few more hundred calories per day is good for my weight gain.
3- My teeth are happy to lose their enamel.
4- Someone has to keep the Fortune 500 happy.
5- The safety of soda hasn't been proven and so it's all good.
6- Health experts recommend a steady diet of soda and candy for ultimate health safety.
7- At least most places water it down to make it safer for me to drink.
8- A bag in the box is safer than an ounce in a can.
9- Aluminum leeching is a special safety treat for can drinkers.
10- High blood pressure, diabetes, and liver disease are all safety reasons to avoid soda.
11- The brain cancer had nothing to do with the formaldehyde in the diet soda.
12- This product will kill you slowly and enjoyably.
13- I wouldn't be addicted if I didn't like to drink it so much.
14- Carbonation doesn't have much to do with having a low carbon footprint as many soda companies suggest.
15- I once went to Carbon Nation and turned diesel fuel into soda pop for the hippies.
16- Soda is an acquired taste because the body knows how to immediately reject crap.
17- The safest way to drink soda is to leave it in your mouth as long as possible before swallowing so that the enamel protects your stomach lining.
18- Soda is a very safe product because many people use things like tobacco and alcohol.
19- Soda snorting is a new phenomenon that helps people clear out their sinuses.
20- Soda and global warming are inter-correlated with hydrogen sulfide testing in mammoth caves.
21- Always use the safety ice (made of sponge), that takes out all the bad chemicals.
22- Beat it is a song by Michael Jackson when referring to soda addiction.
23- The safety of soda suppliers lies in the addictive nature of humans.
24- Without soda, half the restaurants would be safely out of business.
25- It tastes great and is less filling and that makes it hazardous to your safety.

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