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Dog's Bark Safety Slogans

1- The bark is safer than the bite.
2- The happy tail wag is a good sign for happy times.
3- The breath isn't so safe, but the fuzzy fur is.
4- Little dogs bite the most and big dogs bite the least. Still, I am more afraid of a Doberman or a Rottweiler than a miniature Chihuahua.
5- If your dog gets angry a lot, take him to the pet psychic to see what ails him.
6- Keeping a dog happy and safe is not too difficult; it just takes a lot of time.
7- People with happy dogs live longer and more enriched lives.
8- The death of a dog can nearly kill the owner.
9- I don't mind the stinky hand from petting the fur because it's not a safety issue.
10- Dogs that sleep with their owners are safer than dogs that sleep outdoors.
11- French kissing your dog is an unsafe and impure practice.
12- It's funny how kissing your dog on the head can often turn into a lick in the mouth.
13- The farting dog is not the best choice under the Thanksgiving table.
14- It's safer to de-bark the dog than to let the neighbor kill them with rat poison.
15- It's not that hard to train a dog not to bark and yet this is the one of the main reasons the animals are needlessly harmed. People can't stand incessant barking for too long.
16- Never secretly hire Newman and Kramer to "rub out" a barking dog.
17- Scientifically, dog food is actually safer than people food. It's more nutritious and balanced. Kids, somehow seem to know this because they always seem to get into the dog food and enjoy it.
18- I used to love the crunchy dog food balls until one day, when I started barking, I knew I needed to stop.
19- This Thanksgiving, you might serve the canned dog food next to the Turkey and see what the children prefer.
20- For some strange reason, dogs prefer cat food, but not the cats.
21- Dogs should hold and keep off the roads.
22- I once blind folded myself to see if my dog would be a good seeing eye dog. The dog nearly got me killed in the downtown traffic.
23- The safety of a dog lies in its ability to stay calm and appease the owners.
24- Where love is, my dog is also.
25- A dog pretty much says the same safety message to everyone. I love you.

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