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Chef Safety Slogans

1- Greasy floors cause lots of falls.
2- Many a chef have lost a bit of a finger.
3- The right shoes for the job prevents falls.
4- Open toed shoes are like asking knives, hot grease, and dishes to avoid your presence.
5- When the grease fire starts, control it and create a pan fired pizza.
6- When safety gives you lemons, make some lemonade.
7- The colder the food the safer it is.
8- The safe way to explore the deep freezer is to use your coat.
9- If the waitress wants to make out with you, check with the supervisor first.
10- Dough rollers are not safe enough for finger entry or finger reentry.
11- The unsafe items to control are heat and slicing.
12- It is unsafe to make pizza dough with used mop water.
13- The safest way to catch a mouse is with a sticky glue trap although it's considered inhumane.
14- Why do the mice love to die in the dough roller, the tomato sauce, or the black beans.
15- How do the roaches know when we're cooking anchovy pizza?
16- It is unsafe to eat food prepared by an angry cook.
17- How do you keep a chef happy, a waitress happy, and a restaurant manager happy? It's easy – just keep them safe.
18- Don't stick your fingers into things you know nothing about. That means everything.
19- Why is the safe chef a little less tasty than the risky one?
20- Keep it safe or lose a finger and burn a toe.

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