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Middle Management Safety Slogans

1- If I don't do anything, it's because the subordinates are going to kill me.
2- The louder I yell, the less safe the workplace.
3- Leave me alone, then go home.
4- Why should I yell at you, I'm getting a big bonus for doing nothing.
5- The safety of the company is created by scraping pennies off the bottom.
6- I wish it was safe, but I'm not the boss.
7- I can only follow safety rules that help me get a bonus.
8- When upper management cries, tell them sob stories of your own – like about your butt getting so tired from all that sitting down.
9- It's easier to knock off the middle management.
10- Safety is in direct correlation to middle management keeping their mouth shut.
11- I was a nice safe guy until I got into middle management, now everyone wants to take me out.
12- How do you safely steal from the subordinates?
13- Lunches are unsafe because plots to take out the middle manager are discussed.
14- Lead by example and follow with style.
15- If the safety protocols aren't followed, stop production.
16- Compliance means longer term safety and wealth.
17- Short term accidents never please the long term boss.
18- Managements blood pressure tells a lot about the safety of the company.
19- If middle managers want it done badly, check into bonus compensation schemes.
20- The safest place to be is below or above middle management.
21- The safest workplace has the fewest middle managers.

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