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Presidential Race Safety Slogans

1- Liberty is safest with Ron Paul.
2- Romney is safest for gutting the government.
3- Gingrich is safest for his debate skills and influence peddling.
4- Santorum is safest staying home.  
5- Ron Paul threatens the establishment the most.
6- Romney can become the safe guy or the unsafe guy or any guy.
7- Gingrich is safe in his conservatism and loose in his moral fabric.
8- Santorum is tough on Iran. 
9- Ron Paul is for the lowest taxes.
10- Mitt Romney is for lower taxes.
11- Gingrich is for lining his pockets and lower taxes.
12- Santorum is out of the race now.
13- Obama is for higher debt.
14- Obama is for corporate bailouts.
15- Obama is for government handouts.
16- Obama is still working on a jobs plan.
17- The best government would be to have Mitt Romney implement Ron Paul's plans.
18- Rick Perry is still trying to figure out how old you have to be to vote.
19- A lot of money goes a long ways in a presidential race. 
20- The cost is 50 million dollars to become president so you can make 1.6 million in four years. 
21- Republicans never explain how trickle down economics works because it's like some type of voodoo. 
22- Nobody cares about ethics violations, "I am running to be the president of the United States."
23- Real wealth is allowing people to create value through work and that is what is against the law unless you have lots of cash.
24- Michelle Bachman would have been best to rewrite the tax code.
25- I'll cut that program as soon as I get my payout that I was promised. 

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