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Camping Safety Slogans

1- Be prepared!
2- Putting yourself in peril is mostly about the items you forgot to bring.
3- Follow Santa's advice, "Make the product list and check it twice".
4- Burnt food is safer than no food at all.
5- Getting a good nights rest is the best.
6- The older the humans the better the sleeping arrangements.
7- Throwing the flaming marshmallows is a fire hazard.
8- Huge bonfires are less safe under large trees.
9- For a fire to truly be out, it should feel cold to the touch.
10- Cigarettes are a forest fire hazard to be left at home.
11- If you want to be eaten alive, keep a lot of good smelling food in your tent.
12- Keep all your food in airtight containers and store it away from your sleeping area.
13- Skunks, raccoons, and mice will come out at night to snack on your garbage.
14- Never go camping alone and at night in the Winter with small children and say, "I didn't do it".
15- If an animal attacks, keep it for evidence that you don't need rabies shots in the stomach.
16- Earwigs are a bummer in to get in your ear while you are sleeping and so keep bugs out of the tent.
17- If you're at scouts, anything can happen and be prepared for it.
18- The quality of camping food can be awesome, better than home, but is often substandard, burnt, and oppressive feeling.
19- A place to take a crap and wash your hands are things that you want for the sanitary man.
20- Being outdoors feels nice and cozy as long as you packed some things for the night to make you feel fuzzy and floaty.
21- Noisy campers are safer than quiet ones.
22- Scouting campers are the least safe of any other group in America.
23- Drifting onto a huge body of water with a tiny raft is a fun thing to do that can get scary real fast.
24- God makes sure that something pokes me in the back or that my air mattress leaks on every camping trip.
25- I would rather put up a tent, start a fire, cook, clean-up, and set up camp than to sit at home watching television and microwaving something quick for safety sake.

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