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Brain Surgeon Safety Slogans

1- My chisel seems to be a little dull today.
2- I  had to replace that other circular saw with this one from Home Depot.
3- The safest route is usually to avoid surgery.
4- What brain surgeons like the most are patients that talk during the operation.
5- A safe way to practice brain surgery is with a large bowl of Jello inside a paper mache  head.
6- We all really hope for a safe surgery.
7- Where is that long pokey thingy I used the other day?
8- A good jigsaw can do much more than you thought it could.
9- Do you really want to lose your brain, but still be alive?
10- Nurse, you can do this one for me, I need to go to my son's baseball game. 
11- I left all the instructions on my Ipad so my assistants could complete the operation.
12- To be safe, don't let it all happen behind closed doors.
13- When the blood starts flying, people start crying.
14- As bad as it is, I am glad someone spent twenty years in school for this.
15- Brain transplants are possible, but still not the safest procedure to undergo.
16- Cryogenic brains can still think and reason, but you would never know it.
17- You can do a lot with an icepick and a mini-sledgehammer. 
18- The main reason brain surgery increases your safety is that you'll die without it.
19- It doesn't hurt much until you wake up and then you'll have a real headache.
20- I have little empathy for migraine sufferers.
21- A brain is a terrible thing to waste, but can be quite tasty to eat.
22- The brain is protected by the blood brain barrier.
23- Use a cell phone, grow a tumor.
24- Living near power lines is a very unsafe thing.
25- The great thing about brain issues, is that you can do just about anything you want and it's not your fault.

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