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Procurement Safety Slogans

1- I would rather buy a safe dollar than a weak one.
2- What does this expensive lunch have to do with the safety of the equipment?
3- The safety of the equipment is in direct correlation to how the procurement specialist feels.
4- Why is it less safe to inject high margin products into every conversation?
5- The safest products to buy are probably not on your bosses list.
6- It is better to be inefficient and safe than efficient and unsafe. You supervisor may not agree.
7- How do I safely string ten vendors along and choose just one?
8- It is unsafe to take kickbacks from vendors.
9- Kickbacks are really knives in your back that haven't come out yet.
10- What should I buy - some safety or some fun?
11- The best procurement officer used to be a safety guy.
12- If the numbers make sense, something is amiss. Safety isn't usually the cheapest short-term option.
13- Buy now – pay later.
14- It is safer for the company to buy nothing, than to waste a lot of money on untested ideas.
15- How does the procurement officer know the integration? They don't and that's where the safety problems arise.
16- If I were buying screws, I would definitely know what it was and how to use it.
17- When I am a bit bored, perhaps a good vendor can cheer me up. Better yet, how about the other companies safety guy?
18- How do you safely analyze a million products that you know nothing about?
19- The safest product is backed by a good looking, good talking "friend".
20- If nobody knows the kickbacks, perhaps it's still unsafe to take them.

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