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Fireman Safety Slogans

1- The safest yell is, "Fire, Fire, Fire!"
2- The best way to increase safety is to lube the pole.
3- Don't wear red to blend in with the fire. Nobody will be able to see you.
4- "Kitty, Kitty, Here Kitty Kitty" is the best way to safely get the cat down.
5- When you face gets too hot, pull down the face shield.
6- The nose can guide the fireman to safety by following the scent of burning hair.
7- Stop, drop, and roll.
8- Take off your shirt, take off your clothes, jump in some water, that's how it goes.
9- When in doubt, pull the victim out.
10- The blood zone is not the axes friend so clear it.
11- It is safer to kick a door down than to burn it down.
12- If arson is on your mind, check your behind.
13- It's safer to hold the safety mat than to jump from a tall building into it.
14- In case of siren failure, try using the horn. If that doesn't work, stick your head out the window and yell, "Get out of the way."
15- If Kramer is driving the back of the Fire Truck, you have probably been watching too much Seinfeld.
16- Don't mistake Yoga breathing techniques for real rescue breathing.
17- When your in the zone, it's called the fire zone.
18- If the hydrant is blocked, bulldoze the car out of the way. It's safer for the burning building.
19- Stay low to the ground without smoke around.
20- The best way to be safe is to avoid the smoke, don't choke, and run like a joke.

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