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Indoor Soccer Safety Slogans

1- Knock 'em into the wall until they fall.
2- Fake like a maniac and kick like a pack horse.
3- Speed kills on the road, but saves on the indoor court.
4- A fast paced game is greater in fun, but lower in safety than outdoor.
5- Put your finger in the wall to get a doctor's house call.
6- Kicking the goalie destroys all your safety points.
7- A ball in the face seems to decrease overconfidence and increase player safety.
8- There aren't a lot of protocols, but most of the safety is about hitting into walls.
9- The safety of the score depends on who controls the ball more.
10- In coed games, find girls that can pass safely to male players for a quick score.
11- Mercy scoring reduces safety problems in the bleachers.
12- Bouncing the ball around the walls is sort of like safety protocols.
13- Keep your goal safe, by blocking the guys coming up the wall.
14- Make the other team pass across the middle to decrease the safety of their ball passes.
15- Forwards should cross at the top to score a lot.
16- The stopper should understand safety the best since many of the passes have to be neatly threaded into dangerous areas.
17- Be careful not to fall because the grounds not soft at all.
18- Indoor is a safer game than playing outdoors in bad weather.
19- Practice what you can playing Kick the Can.
20- Perfecting your fakes makes getting the ball more fun with less hate.
21- Hard working players keep their goals safety secure.
22- It's not who scores, but the teamwork that makes the game soar.
23- Knowing how to pass off the walls is as important as avoiding getting kicked in the balls.
24- The safety manager is dressed in black and white.
25- The safety director is eating a doughnut and sipping a coke behind the concession desk.

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