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Car Insurance Salesman Safety Slogans

1- Our policy may be cheaper and better, but I am not really sure.
2- I give you safety with my smile, not my calculator.
3- The integrity of claims is never brought into question as those numbers are always unavailable. 
4- It's safer to have many policies with one person than to diversify your risk.
5- Changing what your are quoting is a good way to get to the number you are seeking.
6- Accidents happen and we will punish you for it.
7- A good driver deserves a better rate until they have a problem.
8- Quotes can only be given out after you submit your first born and 95 minutes of your time.
9- I would never publish a quote on the website because it doesn't come with my smile.
10- We are such good friends, but please don't call me at home, on the weekend, or ask me to come over.
11- I don't need to do much, because I have a good secretary.
12- I never tell black lies and white lies don't like me.
13- Never try to switch offices with the same company as it's nearly impossible to do so.
14- The letter of experience can be misconstrued in so many unsafe ways.
15- If you have been hurt in an accident, you can ask for 33% more money and pay a 33% fee to the lawyer.
16- The irony is that you are looking for the people that need your insurance the least.  
17- SR22 insurance is the least safe of any.
18- Yes, you still have to pay for the car you don't drive.
19- Life expectancy of a bullet bike rider over 10 years is 0.
20- "Our policies have many exclusions and that is reflected in the rates."  "What is excluded?"  "I don't know and could never figure that out no matter how much you paid me."
21- "Our company is safe because we have five stars."  "What do the stars stand for."  "Mmmm, it means we're good." 
22- Every call is an opportunity to sell something new so avoid the call and say, "That's all!"
23- "We handle all the little inexpensive problems you might have.  Anything further, and you're on your own."
24- I always like the terrorism insurance, elephant insurance, and immigrant deportation insurance.
25- The federal government has mandated that certain products be prefaced with, "This product is intended to rip you off".

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