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Food Inspector Safety Slogans

1- What goes in must eventually come out. Do it safely!
2- If it doesn't look tasty, it doesn't mean it isn't nutritious.
3- Be kind to ugly foods that offer great health benefits.
4- The five second rule applies to all foods and all conditions.
5- Check the pizza dough for mop water contaminants where disgruntled workers are employed.
6- The fly under the food may be a contaminant to some and an added protein to others.
7- Roaches are no big deal unless you see more than 100?
8- The mice can live in the dough roller, the pizza oven, and even in the pantry.
9- Food falls are one of the top accidents waiting to happen.
10- The speedy work combined with low pay equals many opportunities to produce unsafe food.
11- Fast food is the least safe of any foods.
12- Internal food ingredients are not the food inspectors job, but the external contamination is.
13- The lower the fiber, the less safe the food.
14- High fructose corn syrup kills the liver, but who kills the people that approve its use.
15- Food inspectors focus on acute contamination and ignore chronic internal food issues.
16- Be careful not to eat too much of the food you inspect or you will incessantly get fat.
17- Five times the flavor, at half the cost, is bad for anyone, but the boss.
18- The best way to eliminate a rodent problem is to introduce cats into the restaurant. Customers will also like petting the cats with their meals.
19- One of our favorite restaurants had pet mice for the children.
20- Never mix food with dirty dishes, dirty dish water, rodents, roaches, dirty mop water, or disgruntled employees body excretions.
21- If the food looks too good to be true, maybe it is.

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