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Safety Fence Safety Slogans

1- It's not that the area is unsafe, it's that idiots would pass by.
2- The portable fence is always a safety blessing.
3- If the fence stays shut, the unsafe stay out.
4- If it's impossible to get hurt, someone will invent a new way.
5- Use cameras to detect people getting hurt on purpose, for the opportunity to sue.
6- If the doctor says you have a bad case of MU, get worried, because it stands for made up.
7- Renting safety is often done with a good portable fence.
8- Rentals of safety fences go up exponentially near downtown construction sites.
9- It's not the safety of the work area, it's the OSHA breathing down your neck that matters.
10- If anyone got hurt, they might complain that you never had a safety fence.
11- Little people are better at building the little safety fences.
12- Make sure and put razor wire on the top of the razor fence to keep people from climbing over.
13- People climbing under the safety fence should notice the Dobermans biting them.
14- You can always blame safety problems on the safety rental establishment.
15- The electrified safety rental fence is best.
16- A safety fence is more a wish than an impervious barrier.
17- Once you put up a safety fence, nobody is legally responsible.
18- Once time a really good safety prosecutor was electrified by a safety fence.
19- Lawyers like to dream up ways that the very safe could be unsafe.
20- I told the judge, "It was very difficult to get past the fence without getting hurt, but once I saw a hammer lying around, I found it was very easy to get hurt with it on the obviously unsafe property."

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