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College Safety Slogans

1- Keep everything up; including your zipper.
2- Call your mom a couple of times a day.
3- Don't drink and fraternize.
4- Drinking and drugs are not the safe part of the college experience.
5- Cheating is hazardous to your long-term stay.
6- The diseases at the dorms are a all part of the norm.
7- Never trust the word of a professor and always check them out at the library.
8- If your grades are out of whack, slip on the floor with a lawsuit smack.
9- Being stupid is a greater liability than being smart.
10- Avoid the car and stay where you are.
11- Giving blood and swapping spit are not the same thing.
12- Leftover pizza is only good for three days, if left out of the refrigerator.
13- Ugly girls can ruin your life, if you show them a bit of attention.
14- Wash the dishes daily instead of leaving them in a box in the corner of the apartment.
15- Eating out every meal is not as safe as preparing your own meals.
16- If you have a frat mom, you're a lucky and safe rich person.
17- You may be sick, tired, and want to be dead, but it sure beats not graduating.
18- Give us your tired, your sick, and your poor, was meant to attract college students to American Universities.
19- Kiss and tell is the best policy.
20- The safest thing you can do in college is to marry the right person, find a career that pays a ton without doing anything, and learn how to take care of your body. These three things are never taught in any classes; bummer (except for a bit in health class).
21- Finding the professor's home is a great way to ensure a good grade.
22- Kissing the professor's butt is a safe way to inflate your grade.
23- The least safe classes are the weed out ones meant to destroy you and are usually in mathematics.
24- Never back down from a foreign teaching assistant that can't pronounce a basic English phrase.
25- Student loans are a most unsafe way to ensure your future success.

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