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Fitness Trainer Safety Slogans

1- The safest way to a big paycheck is through flirtation.
2- This is a career that safely rewards a tight ass.
3- Clients don't necessarily need a tour of the dressing room.
4- When client is bench pressing, don't stand too close to the bar.
5- Angina is a good sign that you are pushing your client hard enough.
6- It's better to be thin and dead than to be fat and alive.
7- Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.
8- If the going gets tough, ask for more safety precautions.
9- Write fitness goals on the see through shower glass for all clients.
10- One, Two, does not mean buckle my shoe.
11- Bending over instills confidence and stamina into the clients.
12- The safest workout is water aerobics.
13- The safest weights are water weights.
14- The safest routine for joints is swimming.
15- The least safe exercise is running.
16- The more you bounce, the less safe are your joints, and the more safe your paycheck.
17- If your workout is too good, you may actually lose an important bet (Elaine from Seinfeld).
18- "It's all pipes!" is not a good excuse for peeing in the shower.
19- A safe way to get banned from a health club is to pee in the shower.
20- You never know what is spectacular and real until you send your friend Elaine into the Sauna.

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