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Government Safety Links

OSHA or Occupations Safety and Health Administration: Perhaps the most well known safety regulatory commission of the Federal Government. OSHA is responsible for creating safety regulations for each industry. Here is the link: OSHA is My Friend

NHTSA or National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration: This government regulatory body focuses on the safety of motor vehicles. Here is a link the the site: NHTSA

USA.Gov offers many links for safety here: USA.Gov Safety Links
Many of these links deal with things like Homeland Security, Legal Resources, and the FBI.

The Department of Energy Safety program is called HSS or The Office of Health, Safety, and Security. You can find a link here: Deparment of Energy and Safety

The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Safety page is here: Science Safety

The CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention deal with health related safety. Here is a link to their site: CDC

Education and Research Centers for Occupational Safety and Health: Education for Occupational Safety. This site focuses on academic and educational programs in occupational safety.

United States Army Public Health Site: Army Health

Brookhaven National Laboratory safety information: Brookhaven Safety Slogans

Berkeley University Labs Safety: Berkeley Lab Safety

Jefferson Lab with United States Department of Energy: Jefferson Lab

It is the responsibility of TRIUMF management to demonstrate by example TRIUMF's commitment to safety, and to support, develop, and require the leadership of supervisory staff in occupational health and safety matters: TRIUMF

United States Environmental Protection Agency or EPA: EPA

Government Food Safety: Government Foods

ATV or all terrain vehicle safety: ATV Safety

Department of Homeland Security: Homeland Security

Get a 72 Hour Kit: 72 Hour Kits

Get Disaster Assistance from the Federal Government: Federal Disaster Relief. You will get access to disaster help and resources.

Federal Government Flood Disaster Information or FEMA: Flood Disaster

Uniting Communities for Disasters: Communities 4 Disasters

U.S. Customs and Border Protection: Border Protection

Immigration and Customs Enforcement: ICE

Arms Control and Security · Arms Control · Counterterrorism · Defense Trade Controls · Diplomatic Security · Narcotics & Law Enforcement · New START Treaty:

U.S. Coast Guard: Coast Guard

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) protects the nation's ... Statement by Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano on the Death of Osama....: TSA

United States Department of Justics is the primary federal criminal investigation and enforcement agency. Get Justice

The United States Secret Service protects our nation's leaders, visiting world leaders, national special security events, and the integrity of the nation's....:

United states Department of Defense:

FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation:

Passports, Visas, International Travel, Child Abductions:

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration: DEA

United States Department of Transportation: DOT

United States Department of Labor: Labor Safety

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center: Laws Enforced

U.S. Department of Education: Safety Education

National Terror Alert Response Center:No More Terrorists

Federal enforcement agency responsible for the health and safety of the nation's miners: Mining Safety

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection: Pennsylvania Mine Safety

A Place to report unsafe products to the Federal Government: Unsafe Products

Consumer Products Safety Commission: Consumer Protection

Pool Safety: Water Safety

Find Recalled Consumer Products:Recalled Products

US Food and Drug Administration:Food Safety

USDA or United States Department of Agriculture keeps our food safe: USDA

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