Carpenter Safety Slogans
 Safety Guy Holding His Hand Up

If you're not laughing, it's not safety.
Focus on your Danger!
Gimme Some
Make More Fires
Watch For It!!

Carpenter Safety Slogans

1- Oh my God, my thumb!
2- It's all about the wood.
3- Sand and Grind and take your time.
4- Never put a nailgun between your knees and facing up.
5- The nailgun is not a weapon of mass destruction.
6- The safest carpenters wear suspenders, eat standing up, and walk stiff (try and figure that one out).
7- Never try and look like a plumber (butt crack showing).
8- Carpenters that look like plumbers get off just enough to miss a few nails and hit their hands.
9- I wouldn't call that a woody, if I were you.
10- Never tell the customer your real feelings about the wood.
11- Safety is mostly about nail navigation and coworker friendliness.
12- When you coworker asks, "Will you please hold this nail for me, while I pound it in." run for cover.
13- Breathing in sawdust only improves the lining of my aereoles. Don't confuse that with your girlfriends.
14- I lost my hammer, "Now what can I use!"
15- That thing on your pants, is to hold safety equipment.
16- A tool belt is safest when strapped on.
17- A scary place to be is high centered on wall that aren't quite up.
18- Holding up walls and trusses, alone, will lead to hernias and falls.
19- I can make it to 65, with a little medication.
20- I can't hear the sawdust anymore, but I can see the formaldehyde.
21- To keep tools safe, use a large construction box that is locked up.


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