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Flu Shot Safety Slogans

1- You may not die from the flu, but you may die from the vaccine.
2- A little pain now, a lot of happiness later.
3- The flu kills, but will it be you.
4- I am not weak or old, but I was once told to get my flu shot to keep me from getting too cold.
5- Be wary of government experiments being performed through flu shots.
6- The prick in the arm is better than the prick in the butt after you get sick.
7- Don't you know, the aids virus was disseminated through flu shots.
8- Sooo cold, and soooo hot, maybe I should have received my shot.
9- Don't be so sad if you get the flu I'm told, it mostly kills the young or the old.
10- Someday there will be a memorial for those that went before us with flu shots. It will be the Flu Shot Memorial.
11- I wouldn't have gotten sick, if I hadn't got the flu shot.
12- Like Barney sings, "Red and Yellow and Pink and Flu."
13- Some coughed with a flu right into my eye and immediately right there my eye formed a stye.
14- The great thing about getting the flu, is that the ice bath you get to hold the fever down helps you to lose weight.
15- Since scientists know everything, we know they have a cure for the flu.
16- Cough once, cough twice, three times a lady.
17- Briefly get in your coworkers faces so that you can get more overtime that week.
18- The safest shot is a flu shot.
19- Get the shot before you get the trots.
20- The flu in my gut is making me nuts.
21- The safest way to avoid the flu is to keep yourself lean and indoors.
22- Secretions will come and secretions will go, how sick you will get nobody knows.

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