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Janitor Safety Slogans

1- Never run with a heavy vacuum.
2- Don’t get caught taking other peoples trash home.
3- What you learn about people from the trash can later be used for job security.
4- When someone super glues their money to the floor, scrap it up with a putty knife and a hammer in like two seconds.
5- Don’t work alone, at night, in an empty building.
6- Wear a mask for the dusting.
7- Find out what confidential documents need shredded and then don’t take them home.
8- Tell your employer to be kind.  Nobody knows where that rag was used last.
9- Don’t hide in the bathroom cleaning small details.  Someone will wonder what you’re up to.
10- A big floor sign can save both your @#$ and the customers @#$. 
11- The safest way to eliminate a gum collection place is to eliminate the gum.
12- Since the janitor always knows about everything that’s going on, be safe by giving him treats. That way you will be warned of things that you should know in advance.
13- The safest janitor I ever knew carried a huge mop with a heavy duty iron core.  It not only built up his muscles, but could be used for self defense.
14- Crowded areas aren’t good for mops and other janitorial supplies.
15- If you unkind to the janitor, you better start thinking a lot about safety protocol.
16- The janitor keeps everyone safe by noticing everything that shouldn’t be going on and only reporting what he feels is interesting.
17- Mop bucket protocol is out, water, in, out, mop, mop, mop, water, out and then into the shop.
18- Good balance makes a safe janitor since they mostly walk around and have to deal with lots of sticky and slippery conditions.
19- To clean up the gunk, apply a good amount of moisture and rub it around a while.  When it starts to really shine, you can relax and wait for it to dry.
20- You can call it a cloth or a rag.  Does it really make any difference? 

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