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Ipod Safety Slogans

1- The thing about Ipods is that they are easy to lose and easy to steal.
2- An Ipod lock is the best choice for your Ipod safety.
3- The safest songs are not downloaded from bit torrent or Limewire.
4- Many people have an Ipod that works and a computer full of viruses due to "free" music.
5- If stealing is wrong, the Ipod has put a lot of people into hell's path.
6- If your older brother or sister doesn't have an Ipod, keep yours hidden well.
7- The interface looks great, but you can get carpal thumb from running it in circles.
8- The factory is very safe as long as you don't feel like killing yourself.
9- The fun thing about an Ipod is that your parents and grandparents can't safely use it.
10- The safest sound for kids, is the mosquito since the adults can't hear it.
11- I keep writing Steve Jobs for a new Ipod, but he has not responded. 
12- The safest Ipod music is classical.
13- Ipods create societal safety due to the fact that you can avoid so many bad song choices.
14- It's never safe to hack the Ipod, but it's a lot more fun.
15- Heavy metal is unsafe in more than one way.
16- Slide and unlock is only for the thumb.
17- What makes the Ipod unsafe is that it is a love affair that constantly ends with new and better Ipods.
18- When I fell in love with the Ipod, my spouse was so jealous.
19- Make your home safer by turning the Ipod into a spy camera. 
20- To preserve your coolness, get the latest one and buy the best case.
21- Bigger is always better, unless it's a laptop.
22- Entertainment safety trumps common sense drudgery.
23- Why reinvent the wheel?  Pie (3.14) supports the round interface.
24- Someone dropped and Ipad from space and it survived without harm.  Would that work with an Ipod?
25- Safety is improved when we constantly remind ourselves that I stands for internet and use it in front of any new product. 

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